Advantages of automatic Terminal crimping machine

Automatic Terminal crimping machine, spare parts, mainly from imported, quality stable, efficient. Automatic single head Terminal machine maximum speed can reach 5,400 per hour.

Automatic Terminal crimping machine, not just speed quickly, change terminals very briefly, thread, wire cutting and stripping lengths at the end of a full CNC, computers adjust the knife without artificial spatula, for customers reduce line trouble, unlike standard wire replacement time is very short, and increased power. Electric spatula, lower the workers more difficult, just general staff, little training will be able to complete the operation. Change line, change terminals, more general employees will be able to operate. Therefore, automatic Terminal crimping machine in technology more and more user-friendly. For a better future in labor and production stage.

Fully automatic Terminal crimping machine for development will become more and more good.

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Some basic parameters knowleage about wire stripping machine

1. wire speed: factory was asked to pick high-tech automation equipment, manual operation is expected to go through a machine to cut down produced capital, progress produced power, computer wire stripping machine, what matters most is the processing speed, too slow if machines replace human could not be reached as expected. Often quality is usually computer wire stripping machine may rise as long as the rate of about 1000-3000/hour, but a good speed of computer wire stripping machine can reach 3000-6000/hour, which is the most direct one way to differentiate good and poor quality.

2. stripping line errors: computer stripping line machine equipment is by computer system directly manipulation, so errors must to than artificial of errors high, but usually stripping line machine and quality good of stripping line machine of errors is not as of, good of computer stripping line machine errors can manipulation in thousand points than mm;

3. stripping line role: some stripping line machine stripping out of line indented, may line skin has pressure marks, copper wire stripping broken, skin stripping not clean wait so appearances are is bad product, quality good of stripping line machine these bad situation are can prevent;

For example a wire stripping machine products and some parameters like this:


What Notice to Buy automatic Terminal crimping machine

With the continuous development of technology advances and industry, different brands of automatic terminal machines in people's lives, it is the business development of the necessary equipment, many brands of automatic terminal machine there are differences in quality and performance, Consumers How to choose the higher cost of equipment?

When we choice optional automatic terminal machines, you can focus on the following aspects to buy equipment:

First, to figure out the thickness of the workpiece to be processed, which is the thickness of the wire, the wire because the terminal mold thickness requirements are different for Consumers Be sure to select the corresponding products, so as to play using the value of the terminal machines.

Second, you can start from the terminal to choose, to choose a special mold of the terminal, so you can better meet the needs of the work.

Third, automatic terminal machines to harness each treatment is different, can be selected according to the specific needs of the harness handle the selection of equipment


New type of Automatic wire stripping machine introduce

    A new type of wire stripping machine, used for stripping wire thread of insulation materials, unique about twin parallel sheath line to separate the two lines and one-time end thread stripping wire insulation materials, whose character is: hasal two matrix, in their azimuth symmetry has a slot, near the substrate trough front end is equipped with blade, near the substrate slot on the backend conversion stripping blades with elastic is pushing the wire, wire head make the stripping blade backward direction was made, after stripping wire head into the blade edge; When the wire is pulled, the elastic transformation stripping blade clamping device which is wire insulation materials, will be according to the wire is pulled out of the insulating material removal

    New stripping machine combines advantages of old wire stripping machine, added more advantages of wire harness processing industry to more easily.

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